Some very shiny paintings I made last night.


Recent notebook pages. Today I painted properly for the first time in a while and made collages and other things. There are always so many different creative things to do, which is v. exciting and cool.


For those of you who aren’t already aware of these, you can download my two mini albums from 2013 for free here. They are called Plant Pop and Moon Fruit and have 6 tracks each.

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Title: Experiment Artist: mothcub 196 plays

Trying out Reaper for the first time. Excessive mic gain is my middle name. Please remember me for my 30 second pop songs :o)

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Cool parts of my bedroom ft. me.

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Anonymous asked: I thought your URL was 'mothclub' for several years and have only just realised it isn't.

I’ve had this URL for less than 2 years so it’s not so bad. For anyone who thinks it’s mothclub, surprise!

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Some cool flowers I saw today.

Cutie resting inside my scrap paper box.


Gonna blu-tack this bunny to a wall in the Saatchi.


New icon from this post.

A drawing of me relaxing.


Today I’m feeling VERY amazed by COLOURS :o)

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Do you ever get overwhelmed by just how many things you can put into words? Words are amazing. I’ve had some wine.


Self portrait from yesterday.

I want to treat photos more like I treat drawing. I always keep lots of scrap paper and unfinished paintings to draw on and cut up and assemble into new things, but I take photos way too seriously. I’ve been thinking of photos as complete pieces when it makes more sense to see them as fragments. If they’re allowed to be fragments then I can collect them and use them and have fun with them just like I do with old parts of drawings.