Cute pic of my Totoro bag from my blogspot post today :o)

Some relaxing imagery from the world. June → August

  1. Elliot watching my skeleton escape from my body whilst hillwalking (we were going up Dumyat and it was very hot and many sheep were personally offended by our presence)
  2. my duvet and leg (2 things that should always be touching)
  3. daisies in someone’s garden today

This is Beautiful Blue, the guardian who will watch over you and protect you as you sleep. A beneficent orb spirit. Sleep tight.

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I’ve just watched Wreck It Ralph (such a good film!) and I’m pretty sure Fix It Felix and Fischer from Orange Is The New Black are the same person.

Old journal pages.


After seeing Natalie Foss’ beautiful shop on Print All Over Me I decided to make one of my own. You can check it out here. I also updated my Spreadshirt shop so there’s lots more shirts and badges and stuff.

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Cool pic of my arm bc I like to break my body down into its constituent parts and appreciate every one for its unique form and skills (cool) (we’re amazing) (David Attenborough smiles softly in the distance).

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Here’s a lil’ strawberry girl to lift your spirits.

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If anyone needs help or someone to talk to I am here and I will try to listen and help. Preferably not on anon so we can talk privately, but if you need to vent anonymously that’s fine. Let’s support each other as much as we can. If it would cheer someone up to swap mspaint drawings via email then we can do things like that :-)

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Anonymous asked: i'm telling you because you're the kindest person i know here on tumblr and i needed to vent or something. Maybe it's a tad pathetic but i'm a tall-big complexion girl (not actually fat), and every time i go out with friends and classmates, they have this laugh at my expense questioning my gender. Like: yeah, a girl or whatever you are. And it hurts so much, and so does having to act like it doesn't affect me. Because i don't question my gender myself but they make me feel like i'm not a girl...

Oh my gosh anon I spent my whole childhood being called a boy or a lesbian (which is not an insult and lesbians come in all forms, this shouldn’t be news to anyone) because I had short hair and wore combat trousers and baggy shirts and stuff and I was smaller than other people when puberty came along, etc. I am so sorry you’re going through this and I want you to keep telling yourself that whatever you look like or act like it doesn’t make you not a girl or ugly or bad or anything like that. You’re a unique and amazing individual and people love to attack that because of their own insecurities. You can talk to me any time about this (don’t be scared to come off anon) and I’ll be happy to listen and talk because you need friends who respect you. I’m sure there will be plenty of others who are willing to do the same too. I am so angry at anyone who would say things like this. Also I’d like to add that cruelty based on perceived or real fatness is not okay and fat people are amazing, beautiful, and diverse.

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Recent stuff. Check here and here for more :o)


Feeling very cute this evening  ( ᴒ̴̶̷̤᷇  .̫  ᴒ̴̶̷̤᷆ )

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Fuzzy self portrait.

Watching TV and painting the night before last. I’m getting very into the landscape format and drawing pleasant and relaxing scenery around people.


2 little bun-heads I made recently.