I made a new 8tracks mix, please enjoy: http://8tracks.com/mothcub/discerning-skeleton-disco


Top photographer ready to photograph your weddings via the mosaic feature on Samsung GT-S3100.


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Who wants to be in my gang? Our main activity is constant apology,

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Stabilo point 88 pens are so pleasant. I’m trying to relax via this notebook, drawing bare-footed kids with pointy toes and high waisted skirts. I haven’t really drawn tiny scribbly things like this for a while. They’re kinda perfect in their imperfection.

I’m drawing lots of green girls on hills lately which I think means I want to watch sunsets.


Elliot shoved this pigeon in my face this morning whilst shouting “HATOFUL BOYFRIEND!” The pigeon’s name is George.


A cyclops who is friends with the sun.


A cute bunhead with stick arms :-)



I’m such a tired and fuzzy moomin today. I think I’m gonna put nice pictures on my pin board and drink tea and nap and not do anything else.


Anonymous asked: What are your favourite foods? Anything you recommend?

Imam bayildi, vegetable stews, bowl of raspberries, I love granola also????? And scrambled egg!

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These pictures are from a post about collaging called “Disco Ball Bug & The Transience Of Existing”.

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I’m wearing my very comfy jumper and very stretchy tube skirt today. Gonna drink lots of tea and make lots of deals with demons (in Skyrim mostly).

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