irregularities are great! I love drawing one leg bigger than the other and stuff like that. Also I like accidental stains and wonky edges. They feel organic and carefree. Makes me feel relaxed and perfect the way I am.


Researching some of my favourite sleepyberry drawing techniques.

It’s so sunny! I need a COOL GLASS OF WATER (capitalized bc it’s a key item in the game) (the game is life).

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I think I’m gonna grow my fringe out and have that pulled back big ponytail/bun look forever (with a halo of baby hairs). Perfect.



Today I visited the beautiful town of Westeros (7200-2254-4147).


I used to love doing Pokémon trainer sprite recolours and I was looking through all the trainer classes today and really wanted to do one, so here’s a blonde lass! Small version here, original colour version here.


Some very nice strawberry erasers and a great drawing of a baby. My best drawing. I will never do a better drawing. Give this lemon head baby a prize.


Meet my housemate, A. Skeleton.


Me and my friend, helpful balloon.


My favourite thing about this is the peppercorn and Picasso eyes sun,


A spooky moon I painted recently. You can watch the video of me painting it here (I give it eyebrows and then sneeze 5 times and then change my mind and paint over the eyebrows).


Please make this picture of my boyfriend the new big meme.

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Me with my business partner (Mr Bear).

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Wow I don’t think my knees like each other.