Anonymous asked: hey there! I think your Art is really cute, do you see yourself moving into illustration or continuing with your work in a fine art context?

Thank you! I am interested in illustration, but I don’t think about the future. Usually I do things very impulsively (including very big decisions), so I really don’t see myself anywhere in particular.

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list of useful thoughts for later

  • sit down to do scribbly landscapes on envelopes
  • good things: fruit salad and lots of water and that exercise thing where you run up and down one step for ages
  • also, sitting in the waiting room at the train station (a good place to read and to see all the people who are from nearby)
  • hair is like an unruly child and that’s okay
  • don’t be fooled, you probably do need a coat
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WHO wants to run through streets and forests with baguettes and stripy socks?


I feel really happy like everything is amazing. Like everything is clean clothes smell.


Since I love weightlifting bug so much (such a perfect oc), I wanted to draw lots of other bugs too. My favourite new bug characters are the bugs who love each other (on the left page).


Drawings from yesterday :-)


Raspberry Journal 2014

Elliot and I are going to make poached eggs and roasted cauliflower something later and I have Rita Ora’s new song stuck in my head and there’s a smelly little dog sitting next to me and a pile of just-washed socks and pants behind me. I have just rejected some Twiglets and I am going to make myself a tasty sandwich. I’ve already eaten almost all of my box of raspberries because I’m a raspberry fiend and I can’t be stopped.


I’d like to thank the raspberry gods for granting me this moment of glory.


Look at this ace raspberry bargain!

Me ft. Doggie Donnelly (that’s a reference to this person btw)

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I made up a proverb and I’m not sure what it means but check out this weightlifting bug.


Haven’t really been doing proper thoughtless doodling much recently but I found one of my favourite notebooks with a bunch of small things inside it so I’m going to use it as a doodle book.


New fashion post here which is basically “pictures of me in ill-fitting trousers” - enjoy!

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(Items from my window sill)